Jack's Story of Hope

Meet Jack, who has lived in Heartside for nearly 20 years in a historic Dwelling Place apartment building called The Herkimer. He enjoys living downtown; he goes to church right down the road and is well-known in the community for sharing fun facts. "I'm a bottomless pit of trivia" he remarks with a smile. Jack likes to keeps things light, but in 2013, he was diagnosed with rare skin cancer that threatened his life. “The doctors told me I had one year to live, two tops” says Jack.

Dwelling Place Lunch & Learn Series

You're invited to connect with Dwelling Place over lunch. 37 years ago seven local organizations came together to form Dwelling Place in an effort to preserve affordable housing in the Heartside Neighborhood. Today, we provide over 1400 affordable apartments and town-homes in 10 different communities across 4 counties in West Michigan. As an organization, we continue to grow and expand our reach. Because everyone deserves a Dwelling Place. 

Key Topics: 
-Brief History of Dwelling Place
-Overview of our Housing Development Process

Neighbor Knowledge Exchange

An open house style event, the Neighbor Knowledge Exchange is to learn more about resources in West Michigan, participate in raffles, and engage with fellow residents and staff on how to get involved in the community! Our free Neighbor Knowledge Exchange is open to residents and will take place from 3-7pm on Thursday, January 31th, at 106 South Division. Participants will participate in a scavenger hunt for information and be eligible for prizes.


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