Join a Heartside working group with The City of Grand Rapids

Over the past year, the City of Grand Rapids has been engaging the Heartside Neighborhood in a Quality of Life Study. Perhaps you’ve heard of, or participated in, some of the engagement events that have been hosted thus far, including the Listening Sessions (Fall 2017), Neighbor Knowledge Exchange Report-Out (January 2018), and the Work Group Orientation event (March 2018). The next step for the Study is to form Work Groups that tackle one of seven themes.

Paint Your Neighborhood with Hope College Students!

You are invited to join fellow Dwelling Place residents and Hope College students for two evenings of drawing and painting. 

Come to one or both nights to create a piece of artwork about your experiences in your neighborhood. 

All participating artists will have their works on display in a community art show this May. Painting nights are: April 3rd and April 5th from 4-5:30pm in the Herkimer community room at 309 South Division and dinner will be provided.


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