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Dwelling Place owns or master leases more than 100,000 square feet of commercial space in numerous buildings. Consistent with our mission, our objective in screening applications for available commercial space considers the potential for a prospective lessee or sub-lessee to contribute to neighborhood revitalization efforts with the product or service they propose to offer within the neighborhood or building.

An application for commercial tenancy can be downloaded here. The commercial leasing screening criteria can be downloaded here.

Neighborhood: Heartside (Downtown)
Property Address Neighborhood
44 Ionia 44 Ionia Heartside (Downtown)
325/327 South Division * currently under construction 327 South Division Heartside (Downtown)
Access/ Michigan Works 347 South Division Heartside (Downtown)
Adam Bird Photography 62 S. Division Heartside (Downtown)
C.O.D.A. Teaching Gallery 44 South Division Heartside (Downtown)
Calvin College (106) Gallery 106 South Division Heartside (Downtown)
Corazón 122 South Division Heartside (Downtown)
Craft House 40 South Division Heartside (Downtown)
Currently under rennovation: 344 Commerce 344 Commerce SW Heartside (Downtown)
DTS Winkelmann 64 South Division Heartside (Downtown)
Dwelling Place 101 Sheldon Suite 2 Heartside (Downtown)
God's Kitchen 303 South Division Heartside (Downtown)
Goodwill Industries 317-319 South Division Heartside (Downtown)
Goodwill Industries 72 Sheldon-6th floor Heartside (Downtown)
Goodwood Gallery 42 South Division Heartside (Downtown)
Grand Valley Family Health Center 72 Sheldon Heartside (Downtown)
Heartside Ministry 54 South Division Heartside (Downtown)
Miscellany 136 South Division Heartside (Downtown)
Natural Solutions 351 South Division Heartside (Downtown)
Open Source Gallery 235 South Division #112 Heartside (Downtown)
Pine Rest 337 South Division Heartside (Downtown)
Pine Rest 339 South Division Heartside (Downtown)
Pine Rest 341 South Division Heartside (Downtown)
Pine Rest 349 South Division Heartside (Downtown)
Pine Rest 344 Commerce, 3rd fl. Heartside (Downtown)
Premier Skateboarding 10 Weston Heartside (Downtown)
Private Residence 235 South Division #100 Heartside (Downtown)
Salvation Army Turning Point 129 Jefferson Heartside (Downtown)
Sanctuary Folk Art 140 South Division Heartside (Downtown)
Senior Neighbors 333 South Division Heartside (Downtown)
Szudera Insulation 344 Commerce, 2nd fl. Heartside (Downtown)
Touchstone Innovare 72 Sheldon Heartside (Downtown)
WD Photography 44 South Division Heartside (Downtown)
Neighborhood: Wealthy
Property Address Neighborhood
Huntington Bank 1158 Wealthy Wealthy
HyperOptik 1134 Wealthy Street SE Wealthy
Jeffery Lake Insurance Agency 1136 Wealthy Wealthy
The GRCC Learning Corner 1154-56 Wealthy Wealthy

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