Meet The Newest member of the Dwelling Place Board of Directors, Marvin Thomas

When you have a conversation with Marvin Thomas his face is full of expression. ​ ​In addition to Marvin's warm smile, it is immediately clear that he listens intently. "I maximize the moment by listening; trying to grasp information." Marvin considers himself a listener; no doubt an integral part of his newest endeavor as a member of the Dwelling Place Board of Directors. For Marvin, the skill of listening wasn't necessarily innate, rather it developed with wisdom, time and a little bit of street smarts. It was a result of learning to work with people from all walks of life and to understand the perspectives of others. He credits his communication principles to his education and work experiences, including management training opportunities offered through work. "Common sense isn’t common to everyone" he says with a grin. "Everyone doesn’t know exactly what you mean. Be clear about what you want. Be specific about your requests. Everyone can’t be managed the exact same way and you must be clear." From his early years as a Job Corps Student Government Member to his current position with SpartanNash, Marvin puts one thing first - his respect for others. That respect comes across in his rapport with others and his eagerness to participate fully in any way he can, as a new Board Member. Marvin serves on the Resident Engagement, Marketing and Development Committees and as a member of the Dwelling Place Excellence in Governance team. Welcome Marvin.